If you’re looking for a little pampering over the holidays, South Florida’s got you covered literally. The ingredients look like they came straight from the grocery store. That’s because they did. Two spas one in the 954 and the other in the 305 are getting spicy and fruity.

At Spa Atlantic in Fort Lauderdale’s Atlantic Hotel, mother nature will make you feel good all over.

CHRISTOPHER GOULD: “We look to nature to come up with exciting treatments that will have great benefits for our clients and guests.”

You can kiss your dry skin goodbye with a vanilla bean, orange and ginger exfoliating body scrub.

CHRISTOPHER GOULD: “All three natural ingredients are really powerful antioxidants so they have great benefits for the skin.”

If it’s time to get rid of all the naughty stuff you’ve been eating and drinking, the pomegranate and acai berry detoxifying body wrap is calling your name.

CHRISTOPHER GOULD: “Now those natural ingredients are really very high in Vitamin C, which really show your skin’s radiance and help remove toxins.”

These treatments are made specifically for you on-the-spot.

CHRISTOPHER GOULD: “The therapist actually prepares from the natural ingredients the scrub which they then apply to the skin.”

Your trip to Bliss doesn’t end there. A 50 minute swedish massage follows each treatment.

CHRISTOPHER GOULD: “Which is a great way to round out really an indulgent couple of hours here.”

Head south to Miami-Dade because at Brownes and Company on Miami Beach their beauty stuff is good enough to eat.

MERCY MESA: “In celebration of the holidays we are spicing up spa treatments and pairing it with some seasonal favorite ingredients.”

Why would you put something on your body you wouldn’t put in your body? Delish.

MERCY MESA: “A lot of these ingredients are naturally exfoliating and anti oxidants.”

Brownes’ holiday scented spa treatments have you covered from head to toe.

MERCY MESA: “The pumpkin soufflé peel is a 30 min. peel. We are using organic pumpkin puree. We are using egg whites and we are exfoliating rejuvenating the areas of the face. While you smell the pumpkin scents.”

When it comes to your nails Brownes nailed it.

MERCY MESA: “The mulled wine mani is a treatment where we are using brandy, cloves, honey brown sugar and cinnamon sticks to soak in then you have a choice of hot couture colors from Nars and Essie.”

Sip a cup tea while sitting back and enjoying the cinnamon foot scrub. There’s brown sugar, lavender oil and cinnamon. It’s drinkable but minus that foot factor.

MERCY MESA: “We are focusing on the problem areas from the knees to the heel and getting a scrub and massage while you get a classic pedi here at Brownes.”

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