Martin Amado: “On today’s Room for Improvement, we are decorating this bland bathroom. As you can see at the moment, it is literally a blank canvas, so I can take it in any style direction that I want. Hmmm … so many choices, so little time. Let’s make it happen.”

Martin Amado: “We can add style and color through the accessories, such as towels. This is my color scheme and it’s going to look absolutely gorgeous.”

Martin Amado: “Instead of a standard shower rod where the rubber tip is completely visible, invest in a decorative one. Style always wins.”

Martin Amado: “It’s good exercise, too. Good hand coordination.”

Martin Amado: “I’m now picking up the colors from the towels in the shower curtain so that everything coordinates.”

Martin Amado: “Layering your towels gives your bathroom a luxurious spa feel. Notice here, I’m mixing a stripe with a solid.”

Martin Amado: “Before, this bathroom had a dated appearance with a plain wall to wall mirror. I had that removed, and in its place I’m installing this one. It gives it a contemporary update.”

Martin Amado: “If your bathroom has limited counter space, a good tip is to add shelves, right near the sink for additional bathroom essentials.”

Martin Amado: “For all the things we use on a daily basis in the bathroom, it’s always nice to display them in these beautiful decorative jars.”

Martin Amado: “I love these prints, and I bought them as a set of 3, however. You get more bang for your buck because you can divide them up and decorate different walls.”

Martin Amado: “Don’t be afraid to mix the finishes. Even though I have a nickel faucet, I’m adding some brass accessories because it also picks up on the gold frame.”

Martin Amado: “You need some candles for a little, nice relaxing bubble bath.”

Martin Amado: “Final touch is a bath rug for added texture and softness.”

Martin Amado: “A nice bathroom can add value to your home, and the best part is, because you’re dealing with a small space, usually it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to decorate it.”

Martin Amado: “This morning we had a plain bathroom, and look at it now. I used a combination of metallic colors with a soothing gray and a pop of yellow to give this space a sophisticated and modern style, all for less than $500. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

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