South Florida Apps

WSVN — If you're ever in danger, get help by turning your smart phone into a digital flare gun. "My flare" uses your smartphone to instantly alert people to the help you fast.

Just put in the names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of your emergency contacts. Then if an emergency comes up hit the "My Flare" button and it calls 911 or those on your non 911 emergency list.

"My flare" texts and e-mails pre-selected contacts with a customized distress message and your GPS location so no matter where you are, you get the help you need fast.

Our next app is helping South Florida club owners prevent underage drinking and smoking. "Door Metrics" scans ID's to make sure customers are 21-years-old. Just attach the external ID scanner, which is sold separately and door metrics uses the magnetic stripe on driver's licenses to scan birth dates and other information. It also recognizes expired ID's. Helping club owners prevent underage drinking and building a marketing database.

If you're thinking of a weekend in Key West you'll want our next download. "Key West Guide" helps you find all the best places to go and fun things to do.

In the conch republic. Find local restaurants and book a reservation. The map feature tells you how to get there check out all kinds of activities, attractions and rentals. Sign up for last minute deals and save your favorites. It's like having Key West in the palm of your hand.

And that's something anyone can app-reciate.

Craig Stevens: "Key West Guide is free. My Flare and Doormetrics cost $9.99 to download. All of today's apps were developed by people right here in South Florida.