WSVN — One of New York and L.A.’s hottest workouts has finally made it to Miami. Plus, how about an unlimited pass to some of the best gyms and fitness studios in town? 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us how to shape up in tonight’s Style File.

One of the hottest spin classes in the nation has finally pedaled into South Florida: SoullllllllllCycle!

Soeuraya Wilson, instructor, SoulCycle Coral Gables: “SoulCycle is a 45-minute cardio dance party.”

SoulCycle just opened it’s first Florida studio at Merrick Park in Coral Gables. The fast-paced class hits all your body parts.

Soeuraya Wilson: “It’s a full body workout. We do a weight series, as well as choreography on the handlebars.”

Stacy Broff: “This is my second class in a row today. I doubled!”

Besides the intense workout, riders say there are other reasons for the cult-like following across the nation.

Manuel Contreres: “It’s an experience. It basically feels like a concert in 45 minutes.”

Stacy Broff: “I love that every teacher brings a different energy. It’s a version of therapy, a little bit cheaper.”

Soeuraya Wilson: “It’s cult, pack, tribe. People like that, people like to be included, and I think that’s why they come back.”

Want to get in shape but don’t want to commit to just one gym … or one workout? Check out ClassPass.

Paula Walker: “ClassPass just launched in Miami. Every day you can go somewhere different.”

For $99 a month, ClassPass allows you to hit up more than 40 different gyms and studios all over South Florida.

Get your “om” on at Green Monkey Yoga, work out like a ballerina at Exhale’s barre class or get into the groove of the sexy Vixen Workout.

Paula Walker: “You get to do cardio some places, you get to tone at some places. Here at Green Monkey, you get to work on your flexibility and strength.”

The amount of gyms you can check out is unlimited, but you can only go three times to the same studio per month. The idea is to constantly change up your workout.

Paula Walker: “With ClassPass you’re never going to get bored.”

Everything with ClassPass is done online, so you’re not actually carrying around an actual “pass.” Also, SoulCycle is opening a South Beach studio in June.

SoulCycle Coral Gables
The Village of Merrick Park
358 San Lorenzo Avenue
Coral Gables, FL



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