WSVN — All of us have problems we just cant seem to solve. That’s why we have Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser, to see if they can make your headache go away. This year, they solved a lot of problems, and many people they met were very memorable. Here is the proof.

We would rather make fun of ourselves than brag, but the simple truth is, we hear from thousands of people each year and were able to help a lot of them. Each person is wonderful, and a few just unforgettable.

Like Marc Tanner, who was ordered to pay his ex-wife’s attorney $15,000. He tried to, in coins, dollar bills and a few tens and twenties thrown in.

Marc Tanner: "I just wanted to take up his time, just like he took up my time."

There was Frank Cornelius, who was worried when his wife developed breast cancer and it left her depressed.

Jennifer Cornelius: "You feel scared. You feel like you don’t know what’s going to happen."

He cheered her up by creating this wrap around her SUV to remind her she was going to beat cancer. The SUV inspired her and people she saw while driving.

Jennifer Cornelius: "They would roll the window down at the stoplight and give me words of encouragement."

Dorice doesn’t want to be a star. She just wanted some help with a hens and their chicks that decided to call her backyard home.

Dorice Kiupelis: "Someone needs to take them and put them where they should be, on a farm or something."

After our story aired, we lost count of my how many viewers called offering to take in the baby chicks.

Sonia Bennet: "There she comes, and then she throws things over and walks back."

Speaking of an unwanted neighbor, Sonia Bennet had one that liked to throw manure in her yard. Sonia videotaped her. The neighbor didn’t seem to care.

Dave Adams: "I’m almost 100 percent certain that the baby was fathered by me."

Dave Adams did care, for a baby that his ex-girlfriend said was not his, that it was her new boyfriend’s. Dave paid for a paternity test, and a little girl now calls him Daddy.

Dave Adams: "That’s my daughter! That’s my daughter! I knew it!"

At 100 years old, Ruby Parrot just doesn’t like bad surprises. Then the county notified her about at $2,400 lien on her property from back in 1994 that she knew nothing about.

After we talked to Miami-Dade, they wiped out the lien.

Ruby Parrot: "Thank you for your help."

Patrick Fraser: "Oh, glad to do it."

Tamara really wanted peace and quiet, but men kept knocking on her door after some weasel went on an app called Grindr, where gay men hook up with each other. That weasel gave them Tamara’s address.

Tamara Oyarzabal: "Whenever someone calls or knocks on the door, my blood pressure goes up."

Legally Taken didn’t want to be left alone. They wanted attention.

A young group of rockers who have a lot of talent. They also had a manager who, they say, didn’t pay them for the gigs they sang at.

And Anais and her friends were also great entertainers, dancing at South Florida nightclubs. The crowds loved them.

Anais Naaman: "It’s fun to wear different costumes."

Unfortunately, the person who hired them liked their paychecks more, and wouldn’t turn them over to them. We got him to pay some of the money.

Anais Naaman: "I think, without Help Me Howard, he probably wouldn’t have paid me one single dollar."

Finally, we joked that if we ever had a bad day, we were just going to put Maggie Wiggins’ laugh on a loop and play it over and over. That would cheer up anyone.

Maggie Wiggins: "Oh, I’m excited."

Oh yeah, she bought gas that had water in it. It damaged her car. We got her reimbursed by the gas company.

It’s true: Smiles are infectious. Now, we get tens of thousands of calls and e-mails a year. Each person has one thing in common: They have a problem.

So, if you have laid an egg trying to resolve a grinding issue, if you are ready to wrap things up, give us a call. Hopefully, we will give birth to a solution and leave you rocking and rolling along.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

Reporter: Patrick Fraser at
Miami-Dade: 305-953-WSVN
Broward: 954-761-WSVN
On Twitter: @helpmehoward7

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