WSVN — For most of us, our hair is everything, but getting the right style can be a hair-raising experience for your bank account. In tonight’s Dollars and Sense, Lynn Martinez is going to blow your mind at one blow-dry salon where you get a fabulous look without breaking the bank.

So flirty. So fine. So sexy! What does your hair say about you?

Shari Post, owner, SoBlo: “Your hair is a statement of who you are.”

But that ‘do can really undo your bank account.

Mindy Schumann, owner, SoBlo: “Most salons charge $50 and over depending on the length of the hair.”

Mindy Schumann and Shari Post know a good salon experience can be very bad for your wallet. They are sooooo changing that at their salon, SoBlo!

Shari Post: “I wanted to look like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks.”

You won’t spend more that $25 on most SoBlo salon services, and the refill bar is no tease, giving you endless deals.

Maria Rivera, SoBlo customer: “Knowing that I can come back and refill that bottle, and saving money on the cost and helping the environment, makes me feel at peace.”

Buy your shampoo or conditioner once, bring your bottles back for a refill to save $7, and the environment. The good hair day doesn’t stop there.

Mindy Schumann: “When you come in as a first-time client, we give you 300 loyalty points. You work your way up to 1,200. At 1,200 you get a free blow-dry.”

These ladies appreciate hardworking, busy women and are always looking to reward you.

Shari Post: “We offer birthday blowouts, we offer teacher discounts on certain days, we offer nurses discounts on certain days.”

Need to brighten up your ‘do? Salon color treatments will suck the green right out of your wallet.

Mindy Schumann: “The gloss bar is a great pick-me-up in between color.”

Get glossy for $25 and shine on for two more weeks.

Maria Rivera: “It adds shine to my hair; it makes my hair look healthy.”

Washing away the stress of your day and leaving you with a little extra cash and sass!

Maria Rivera: “Looking good and saving money is awesome.”

You don’t need an appointment to get into SoBlo.


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