If you have small kids, they may have a habit of leaving their shoes at the front door. It can create a mess, but there’s a solution. Makeover maestro Martin Amado shows us how in today’s Room for Improvement.

WSVN — Martin Amado: “We all know keeping your home organized can be quite a challenge when you have small kids, even more so when it’s the first space you see when you open the front door. Well, that’s our design dilemma on today’s ‘Room for Improvement.’ So, let’s meet our homeowner.”

Martin Amado: “OK, Amy. So, I love your storage solution here. How many possible tennis shoes can your kids have, huh?”

Amy: “Well, I have two active boys, 5 and 7. They’re in sports and active all day. They kick off their shoes, throw their backpack on the floor and make a run for the living room.”

Martin: “Obviously, this is a foyer. It’s a first impression that people see when they come to your house. So, you want it to look attractive as well, correct?”

Amy: “Yes.”

Martin Amado: “All right, so the one piece of furniture that will completely change the look of the foyer is in this box, which means I have to assemble.”

Martin Amado: “All right. That works for me.”

Martin Amado: “The shell is done for the cabinet. Now, I just need the drawer fronts.”

Martin Amado: “We finished! Let’s go put it in place.”

Martin Amado: “Since we’re working in a very narrow foyer, this shoe cabinet is perfect. Plus, with all the bins, now each of Amy’s kids can keep their shoes organized and it’s completely hidden. I love it.”

Martin Amado: “All right, so we got the style and the function down that Amy needed so desperately in this space. Now, let’s make this foyer feel more like home with some family photos.”

Martin Amado: “I left this space empty on purpose so I could go ahead and install these hooks. This way, both Justin and Aiden have a place to hang their backpacks.”

Martin Amado: “Too cute!”

Martin Amado: “This morning, Amy’s foyer wasn’t very welcoming. By adding a cabinet for shoes, it made all the difference in the world to keep this family organized and the space looking stylish. Let’s hope they like it.”

Martin Amado: “All right! So on the count of three, you guys can open your eyes! Here we go: 1, 2, 2 and a half, 3! Go ahead! Open your eyes!”

Amy: “Oh my God! Wow!”

Martin Amado: “You remember all the shoes here in the corner? Open the drawers. So, you guys basically have two drawers now. You have family photos when you walk in. So now everything is organized; it looks beautiful as soon as you walk in to your house.”

Martin Amado: “Thank you so much, Amy, for letting me do this for you. To all of you viewers at home, we thank you for watching and we will see you next time on another ‘Room for Improvement.’ Bye, guys!”

Looking for a makeover at a minimal cost? You can reach Martin by calling him at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME, or you can e-mail him at room@wsvn.com.

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