The North Bay Village Police Department is conducting an investigation into the collapse of the deck that injured 33 people and sent 24 of them to local hospitals. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, City of Miami Fire-Rescue and Miami Beach Fire-Rescue all responded to the collapsed deck at the Shuckers Bar & Grill collapsed on Biscayne Bay Thursday night.

Dozens of fire-rescue personnel, rescue divers, U.S. Coast Guard assets and two Air Rescue helicopters were dispatched to the scene. Shortly before midnight Miami-Dade Fire Rescue listed 2 victims in serious condition. According to officials, 50 to 100 people were on the outdoor patio deck at the time of the collapse. “At the time we received the call, eye witnessed said approximately there was 100 people on the deck give or take. When our divers arrived and our units arrived on scene, we were able to reach 24 victims and those are the victims we are treating at this time,” said Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt Eugene Germain, Jr.

Officials later updated the number injured to 33 people with 24 being transported to local hospitals.

7News director Tom Tuckwell witnessed the collapsed. He said he had his back to the bay when he heard an enormous roar. When he turned around, he saw people disappearing beneath him.

Police had closed off the eastbound and westbound lanes on 79th Street Causeway. Drivers are urged to avoid the area.

According to officials, everyone has been accounted for. No one is missing.

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