WSVN — Shirley Carlstrom is showing off all the things she doesn't like about her aging face. Shirley Carlstrom: "Really old, haggard, long everything seemed to be coming down. And the jaw area especially is a concern."The 60-year-old feels young at heart now she wants her face to match.Shirley Carlstrom: "The inside of me is more youthful than what I'm seeing in the mirror. My reflection is not me and it's making me very sad."Shirley decided to skip a traditional face lift and go for the Y lift. A unique procedure created by Dr. Yan Trokel. Dr. Yan Trokel: "When we look at youthful faces they all have certain things in common. Nice high cheek bones and comes down to a crisp jawline. Face should be going up and out and that's where the Y comes in."Dr. Yan Trokel: "I'm just marking out areas that I believe leads to the fountain of youth when it comes to facial rejuvenation."After measuring and marking Shirley's face like a map, the doctor uses a needle-like device to make a few tiny holes. Dr. Yan Trokel: "Three needle size holes and that's where all the work gets done from."He then inserts a small instrument through those holes to go under the muscle and lift the skin's tissue.Dr. Yan Trokel: "The tool that we used is a blunt lifting instrument. It can't cause any damage. It doesn't tear or rip like a needle would. We go down to the deepest levels, we lift the tissue up."Once lifted, he uses the device to insert a filler, a hyaluronic acid like Juvederm to hold the newly-elevated position in place. He then massages and sculpts the upper face and jawline. After just 30 minutes, Shirley has instant results with absolutely no down time or even a hint that she's had anything done.Shirley Carlstrom: "This is great! This is great! I feel good. Hello beautiful!"We checked back in with Shirley several weeks later and she says she sees a different person looking back at her. Shirley Carlstrom: "I think I have a crisper jawline. When I look at the before and after picture I can't believe my old self compared to how I look now."Alexis Rivera: "The Y lift can last one to three years and Dr. Trokel recommends a touch up every 10 months. Average cost is $3,800.   

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