Skin Deep: New procedure promises to tighten, lift skin without major surgery

WSVN — For many of us, if we want a younger look, expensive plastic surgery is out of reach. But a new cosmetic procedure is promising a more youthful appearance without the knife or the high cost. 7’s Lynn Martinez brings us "Skin Deep."

Sandra Reiser is all about growing old gracefully, but she says that doesn’t necessarily make looking in the mirror any easier.

Sandra Reiser: "I don’t like how drawn I look here. When I put on makeup, I can always see all the little lines that are on the side of my face." 

She was one of the first to sign up for a new procedure that has just been approved by the FDA.

Sandra Reiser: "Very excited!"

It’s called NovaThreads. Small dissolvable surgical threads are injected under the skin to fill and lift wrinkles.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "These threads are really designed to improve subtle changes of the skin, of the face, neck and body to really look more refreshed without trying to reproduce a surgical result."

Here’s how it works. The doctor marks the area to be treated and numbs the face with ice. Then a needle pre-loaded with the thread is inserted into the very top layer of the skin.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "There are relatively few nerve endings there, so we perform these routinely without any numbing cream." 

Two different types of threads are used.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "There are the smooth threads to help improve wrinkles, and there are actually barbed threads to perform a real lift." 

Once the thread is in place, the needle is removed and the thread stays put. Dr. Karimi says the threads not only fill the wrinkles, but help the skin repair itself.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "Providing real stimulation to the skin to increase collagen concentrations, and most importantly, to really create a lift. It’s basically just created like a hashtag of threads under the skin."

Sandra says she didn’t feel a thing.

Sandra Reiser: "It’s a piece of cake."

Then the doctor uses the barbed threads to tighten the skin.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "See how I’m pushing the tissues up? How did that feel?"

Sandra Reiser: "Fine!"

Within 10 minutes, the procedure is done. Sandra already sees more volume in her cheek area, but it’s going to take a few weeks before the final results.

Elizabeth Jackson: "I want to have my jowls lifted so my face goes back to the oval shape I used to have."

Dr. Karimi says another benefit of NovaThreads: tightening a sagging neck and jowl area.

Dr. Kian Karimi: "Anyone who has just a little bit of jowling, a little bit of these skin folds." 

Mara Cucuz liked the immediate tightening effect and looks forward to seeing more changes in the weeks to come.

Mara Cucuz: "I’m very happy. I’m very pleased."

Doctors say the results should last about a year. The cost depends on the area being done, but it ranges from a few hundred dollars to about $1,000. In the Plex, Lynn Martinez, 7News.


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