Singer can’t get paid for Miami Beach fundraiser gig

(WSVN) - It’s really simple: You work, you get paid for that work. But what do you do when the check does not come and all you get are excuses, which we all know don’t pay the bills? You call Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser, of course.

People do different things to make a living. For Laurana, that means warming up her vocal chords.

Laurana Strachan, worked and not paid: “I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old, a very long time. It’s something I enjoy doing, it’s my life. It’s definitely who I am.

Whether it’s R&B or pop, whether it’s at a wedding or a private party, Laurana loves to perform.

Laurana Strachan: “Gets you through a bad day, makes people feel good, you can express yourself with music. It’s an amazing thing.”

In April, Laurana was hired to sing at an event a city commissioner was using to raise money for an elementary school.

Laurana Strachan: “I was excited about the future opportunities that can come from that performance.”

The Delano Hotel was the host and responsible for paying Laurana a $250 fee.

Laurana Strachan: “So I emailed my invoice, and a few minutes later, he sent me an invoice saying it was approved and that I would be receiving my money that day at the event.”

Laurana would get to sing and would get paid. Not a bad night for her.

Laurana Strachan: “I performed and everybody loved it. They wanted me to stay, actually wanted me to sing another song, which I did. I did one on the house for them. It was a fun night; the event was great.”

Well, one thing was not great: Laurana didn’t get the check that night.

Laurana Strachan: “I was told by Ernesto that the accounting department had not printed out my check yet, and that they needed a few more days before I would receive it.”

A few days then turned into a couple of months.

Laurana Strachan: “I still have not been paid, and I keep getting the runaround from everyone. It’s being passed from one person to the next.”

All Laurana got were excuses, and we all know excuses don’t pay the bills.

Laurana Strachan: “It means a lot. Not necessary because of the amount of money, but I did a job, and I want what is owed to me. I’ve earned it. Why can’t I have it?

From the joy of a job to singing the blues about getting paid. Howard, if you work, what can you do when they won’t pay you?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “When you work for someone, whether it’s one night of singing, or a week of digging ditches, you have a binding contract to get paid what you were promised. How do you make them pay you? One way is to become a pain in their life and keep bugging the heck out of them till they pay you.

We contacted the Delano Hotel. Neither the general manager or accounting would respond to us.

So we contacted Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Gongora. The event was not organized by him, but he took part to raise money for an elementary school.

That did the trick. Gongora’s staff contacted the Delano, and they gave Laurana her check that day.

Laurana Strachan: “I’m very happy and excited about that!”

Laurana got paid, but Howard, if you bug your boss and they still won’t pay, then what do you do?

Howard Finkelstein: “You can take them to small claims court, also file a wage recovery complaint with your county, and let them go after the employer for you. You can also file a state or federal complaint as well.”

Laurana Strachan: “I appreciate all the help that you have given.”

Even better, it gave Laurana something to sing about.

Laurana Strachan: “I wanted to say, (singing) Thank you, thank you Help Me Howard, thank you!”

I bet the promotions department will play that a time or two. Thank you, Laurana.

Now, Howard mentioned filing a complaint if you don’t get paid. The links to do that are under this Help Me Howard.

And another thing: If your boss isn’t paying you, don’t believe the promises you will eventually get paid. Quit now and file that complaint.

A problem got you out of rhythm and singing the blues? Ready to cash in?

Contact us. Hopefully we can help you hit a high note that won’t cost a paycheck, ’cause we are free.


File a complaint about unpaid wages

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Broward – http://www.Broward.Org/professionalstandards/pages/wagerecovery.Aspx

Federal government – https://www.Dol.Gov/whd/howtofilecomplaint.Htm

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Miami-Dade: 305-953-WSVN
Broward: 954-761-WSVN

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