In the new psychological thriller "Side Effects" Rooney Mara plays Emily– a troubled young woman, with a troubled past you may remember Rooney from "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"According to the side effects stars working with Rooney was a treat!VINESSA SHAW: "I think that she is .. can draw you in with the mere look in her eyes. I think her eyes are very haunting and taunting at the same time."Jude: "Rooney is very cool, Ronney has a sort of back-forth approach, so she makes you want to go to her."Jude law was especially impressed with RooneyJude: "Shes got a sortof coolness that's mysterious and engaging." And quite frankly he couldn't shut up about her.Jude: "As an actor when she walks in the room, you're like  , I had to kind of engage, do you know what I mean, and I think as an audience member it makes you wanna go.. ohhhh.. what are you not showing me, what secret.. , magical"Sounds like somebody needs to start a Rooney Mara fan clubVINESSA SHAW: "What else did he say?"Jude: "She's like Harry Potter, magical."Tatu: "That might be the coolest compkiment I've ever heard."Maybe channing should sign up for the fan-boying as well.Tatum: "What is not to be attracted about? look at her.. I try to just be her. Couldn't pull my head back, so I just went ahead and shaved it, so I can have the same effect."Rooney: "And I'm trying to be Jude.. I thought you were trying to be Jude too?"Sounds like Rooney already picked her fan club presidentTatum – on the inside I'm Jude, but on the outside I'm you // Tatum – and below the waist? Rooney – Jude..

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