Shireen on the Scene: Turbo: Snoop Dogg & Michael Pena

TURBO: "I wish, I wish I was fast. Oh"Turbo is a snail tale almost too tall to believe.TURBO: "Ahhhh!" A freak accident turbo-charges a young snail's dreams of speed. TURBO: "Wo! Oh oh ho yeah! I slow down for a second." Turbo, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, is captured by taco vendor "Tito" played by Michael Peña and put to the test with a crew of snazze up snail racers.SMOOVE MOVE: "Oh you got fancy magic super powers?" TURBO: "Yup!"Snoop dogg's a grooving snail named "smoove move."SNOOP DOGG: "The director said that he personally wrote it for me, so I got a chance to get down there and get in front of a microphone."SMOOVE MOVE: "Now check this, right about now, I'm movin' so fast. The whole world's moving in slow motion baby."Tito believes in Turbo's wild dreams of winning the Indy 500."TURBO: "This guy believes in me."But Turbo's own brother has doubts.TURBO: "Wow! Aren't you just a little ray of sunshine."MICHAEL PENA: "And it's funny because my parents were like that when things weren't going on in acting. They're worried about you and they don't want you to suffer necessarily and so they say 'Yeah why don't you call it a day.'"Like Turbo, Peña's no quitter.MICHAEL PENA: "There was no way I was gonna quit, there was no plan B." SNOOP DOGG: "He ain't gonna call it a day while the night is still young. Ha ha ha."And speaking of nightlife, Snoop got it poppin' at the premiere.SNOOP DOGG: "Ba ba ba bass boom, there they go?"And turbo rocked the soundtrack too.SNOOP DOGG: "We go uptown, downtown, that's how we ride. Bass bass boom – let it go."