For Catholics, confessing a sin is now just an app away. “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” helps users digitally express their sins and offers a step-by-step spiritual guide.

The app is not intended to replace the traditional method of confession, but instead prepare the faithful for a visit with a real priest.

If you’re not living on a prayer, but still have something to get off your chest then shhhh … this next app may be for you. With “Whisper” you can share your secrets with the world without putting your name out there for everyone to see.

The anonymous social network is a forum to connect with people who might feel and think the same way you do. Look up the most popular whispers or read ones being posted near you. This app is not for kids its mature themes make it suitable for adults only.

For those who just don’t like to share there’s “Private Diary.” You can enter your daily thoughts and emotions just like in a paper diary.

Only this one has a password to keep others from reading your inner-most-thoughts categorize your entries by subject, even personalize the look. And hey, it beats keeping a diary hidden under a bed.

The Confession app is a $1.99 and the other two apps are free to download.


Confession: A Roman Catholic App


Private Diary

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