WSVN — June 12, 2005: Police Officer Michael White was called to a Fort Lauderdale crime scene.

Detective Michael White, Scott's Brother: "Just as I stepped out of the car, I stood up, and the first thing I saw was a yellow tarp laying there, and I was just like, 'That's him, isn't it?'"

Him: Scott White, Michael's younger brother, was the man laying under the yellow tarp.

Detective Michael White: "Stop and think about if this was your family, you know. How you would feel?"

You may remember Scott's death six years ago. It was called "The Bennigan's Murder" after Scott and a co-worker left the restaurant and walked to their cars about four in the morning, where two gunmen came up to them.

William Talbert, Scott's co-worker: "We immediately both threw our hands up, said, 'Hey, we don't want any trouble. Whatever you want, no problem.'"

Scott was a cook, helping Talbert, the assistant manager, close up. The gunman first targeted him.

Detective Mark Shotwell, Fort Lauderdale Police: "One of the suspects attempted to place Talbert in the trunk of his vehicle. Talbert wisely, in my opinion, decided this wouldn't be a good move and fought back against the suspect."

Scott could have run away while they struggled. Instead, he stepped forward to help his friend.

William Talbert, June 12, 2005: "In the midst of them rolling on the ground, I hear a gunshot. I jump up. The other guy jumps up. As I look over, Scott is falling down, but he's still got his hands on the other guy's clothes but just falling. The guy stands up and shoots him point blank again."

Detective Mark Shotwell: "White died a hero. He tried to come to the aid of his co-worker, and he was rewarded by being killed."

Scott White was dead on the scene.

Michael had to notify his family that his own brother had been gunned down.

Nanette Baumritter, Scott's Mom: "I just thought there can't be a God, because this would not have happened."

Patrick Fraser: "The two cowardly killers ran away. All they got was a cell phone and a set of car keys. Their description: pretty common. Two males, early 20s, wearing dark clothes. But in one way, they were distinct. Both covered their face: one with a bandana, the other with a Halloween mask. They tried to hide their faces, but detectives hope their mouths unmask them."

Detective Mark Shotwell: "What's going to solve this case? There were two individuals that we know that were involved, and if two people know, four know, and if four know, eight know, so there are definitely people out there in the South Florida area that know who committed this robbery."

Scott's family will never get over their loss. Never.

Nanette Baumritter: "When I see all my children together and my grandchildren together, I really just feel, you know, like he should be here. He loved everybody so much."

Michael is now a detective with the Sunrise Police Department. The irony that his brother died doing what he is paid to do amazes him.

Detective Michael White: "I have a tremendous sense of pride. He did what I'm sworn to do every day, which is help defenseless people in a time of need."

His family suffers, but they know Scott could not have turned away from a co-worker and run away.

Nanette Baumritter: "I want to smack him for getting involved. I want to say, 'Scotty!' you know, but that's how he was. He couldn't stand by and watch somebody get the crap beaten out of them and do nothing."

Scott did something. He was a hero. The cowardly killers who took his life are still out there.

Detective Mark Shotwell: "I have absolutely no doubt right now that sitting somewhere in one of these jails in Broward County, Dade County and Palm Beach is an inmate who knows something about what happened."

One little bit of information to nab a killer.

Nanette Baumritter: "Nobody deserves this. He didn't deserve to die alone in a parking lot."

Patrick Fraser: "If you know who did this, have the courage like Scott did. Step forward, help Broward Crime Stoppers, and put the killers where they belong: in a state prison. And if you have lost a loved one, give us a call. Like you, many people are still 'Out for Justice.'"

Broward Crime Stoppers: 954-493-TIPSOut For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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