Snapping a picture is easier than ever these days thanks to our smart phones. In tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez shows us how all those pictures stored on your phone can bring in some extra cash.

WSVN — We all do it, you see something cool and you pull out that phone.

Christian Diaz: “Since I’m always on the run, I use my iPhone.”

Christian Diaz has a cell phone full of snapshots.

Christian Diaz: “Because I live in such a nice place, it makes it easy to go outside with my iPhone and just snap pictures of a palm tree or the beach or anything that really catches my eye.”

When he found the Scoopshot site and realized they would pay him for all those pictures, he was thrilled.

Christian Diaz: “One of my friends actually introduced it to me because she was like, ‘Christian, you take some awesome pictures.'”

All you have to do to get started is create an account, upload your pictures and put a price on them. Then you just wait for the notification.

Christian Diaz: “Congratulations. Your picture has been purchased. And I was like, ‘Whoa, this is awesome!'”

The pay is usually between $5 and $20 but Christian says any little bit adds up.

Christian Diaz: “It might even just be going out to lunch with friends and my dad’s like, ‘Hey Christian, I”m not going to give you any money.’ So having a little extra money on the side is super nice.”

Christian has sold four pictures since he started Scoopshot two months ago. The satisfaction of knowing his work is being enjoyed is something that inspires him.

Christian Diaz: “It lets other people enjoy them as well, which is a good feeling.”

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