(WSVN) — Parents if you want happy campers this summer we have the place, where kids can create their own avatar and discover the mysteries of the universe. 7’s Lynn Martinez kicks off our summer camp series in today’s Parent to Parent.

From creatures under the sea, to the wonders of space and beyond. There’s a lot to discover at the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science.

Michelle Beumer of Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science: “This is our 50th year of summer camp…”

And this summer promises to be out of this world for kids Pre-K through eighth grade. They can experience everything from getting up close and personal with nature to learning what makes zombies tick.

Michelle Beumer: “So, the science of tracking a virus through your body and survival skills.”

And for the mini-scientists, there’s a new addition called vMAX camp!

Lindsay Bartholomew, Science Curator: “vMAX stands for Virtual Missions and Exoplanets.”

Basically campers get to create their own avatar and then search for planets that have yet to be discovered, just like real scientists do.

Lindsay Bartholomew: “We have a three year million dollar grant from NASA.”

The program also allow kids to build their own satellite.

Lindsay Bartholomew: “They will be able to add things like solar panels, telescopes, thrusters.”

Another cool feature? They can communicate their ideas with campers nationwide.

Lindsay Bartholomew: “Students will actually be able to interact with each other and work on some of these projects across the country.”

So, whether your kid enjoys a good experiment or discovering alien life forms, their imagination will soar.

Lindsay Bartholomew: “We help to pull that natural interest in science that they have out of them.”

Lynn Martinez: vMax camp is only open to middle school students and is on an application basis.


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