WSVN — Forget dragging around heavy expensive textbooks. "e textbooks" by course smart fit right on your phone. Just go online to course smart and find the books you need and rent them.  E-books rentals are easy to download and usually cost less than half the price of a printed text book. Zoom in, scroll and rotate to landscape mode and print out any pages you need. E-textbook subscriptions last for six months so it's perfect for college courses. Have the answers to all of your class questions right in your pocket.Here's something to help students get organized. "My Homework" helps keep track of all your classes including homework assignments, papers and tests. The app helps block class schedules and shows them in the calendar so you never forget an assignment.Get homework and study notifications and get ready for an A for effort. And when it's time to study, toss out those paper flash cards "G-flash" plus flashcards and tests help you study on the go. Create and edit your own card sets on the app or download already made flash cards from the catalogue.Choose classic, box or multiple choice configuration. G-flash plus helps studentsIncrease their app-titude on any subject.Craig stevens: "All of today's downloads are free, including the E-textbook app.But remember, the actual e-text books have to be rented through course smart."FOR MORE INFORMATION: eTextbooks

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