WSVN — It’s a free summer program many families rely on but it could be coming to a close. In today’s Parent to Parent, 7’s Lynn Martinez tells us how the kids and Miami-Dade librarians are fighting together to save the free lunch program.

Where can you enjoy a bite to eat? And some light reading? At your local Miami-Dade library, of course.

Library Branch Supervisor Jennifer Shipley: “This week we had 58 children come for lunch.”

It’s all part of the free lunch program offered here at the North Dade Regional library. The program is for kids 18 and under and is open five days a week all summer long.

Jennifer Shipley: “The great thing about reading ready is that it incorporates song, it incorporates movement, dance and games and also reading.”

So kids get a nutritious meal, some dance for exercise and trained storytellers keep them entertained for the afternoon.

For the older kids, YOUmedia provides them free access to top technology.

Jennifer Shipley: “It’s a high-tech space for teenagers. They can do everything from video making to song making to web site design.”

President of Friends of the Miami-Dade Library John Quick says libraries are more than books and he’s concerned programs like this could face the ax.

John Quick: “So, effectively the’re going to be eliminating these programs, like the free lunch programs that so many people enjoy and count on.”

Seventeen-year-old Favour from Nigeria says the library has been an invaluable resource to him and he hopes the community will fight to keep them open.

Favour Nkwocha: “The library so far has proved to be a great help to my growth in this nation.”

Lynn Martinez: The county commission is voting on the budget proposals today. Click on the links below for more information on the vote and the free lunch program.


Friends of The Miami-Dade Library:

Coalition to Save our Libraries:

Miami-Dade Public Library System:

YOUmedia network

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