Safe Parties

With graduation parties in full swing, there is a big concern about underage drinking and driving. A local program is asking parents to take action to keep their kids safe! 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — Aaliyah Burch is so excited she just graduated high school.

Aaliyah Burch: “I know a new journey is just beginning in my life.”

The 17-year-old will be attending graduation parties and her mom knows there’s a lot of peer pressure to try alcohol and drugs.

Alexis Grimsley: “There are kids that have come up to her and asked her, tried to sell her drugs, use drugs, alcohol.”

Alexis says she taught her daughter to say ‘No,’ when she was in elementary school.

Alexis Grimsley: “Say no, don’t try it.”

David Williams, Jr. from Informed Families, an organization that focuses on keeping kids safe and drug free, says it is not always that easy.

David Williams, Jr.: “You have to set boundaries and there has to be consequences for breaking those boundaries.”

Especially when it comes to drinking and driving.

David Williams, Jr.: “We know based on the data that one third of all the parties that kids attend, or parents have, there’s alcohol and drugs present.”

So, the group launched a new campaign called “Safe Homes, Smart Parties” that encourages parents to follow these tips.

David Williams, Jr.: “Get on the phone, call the parent, make sure the party really exists.”

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

David Williams, Jr.: “Are they going to be serving alcohol?”

If you are throwing the party, monitor closely.

David Williams, Jr.: “Constantly circulate through the crowd and make sure those things are not happening.”

Make sure your child knows the consequences of drinking and driving.

Informed families just released a video on YouTube showing the tragic results when an army sergeant was struck by a drunk driver while loading his truck. He lost both legs and part of his ha

Alexis Grimsley: “Read over it and if you agree, I need you to sign and fill out all the information here.”

Aaliyah and her mom both signed pledge cards.

The teen promises not to drink and to call her mom if she’s at a party and needs a ride home. She says don’t be afraid to say no. It could save your life.

Aaliyah Burch: “Be your own person, be yourself, follow your mind.”

Lynn Martinez: David says the core message is to use common sense. Informed Families also offers parenting classes.

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