WSVN — Life is not fair. Mean, horrible, nasty people live long lives.

Angela Cox, mother: "He was very, very kind. He loved his parents."

Patrick Fraser: "And kind people like Rory Cox only make it to 21."

Angela Cox, mother: "Well, Rory was very loving."

Patrick Fraser: "Rory only made it to 21 because one of those scums of the Earth decided to take the life of an honest, law-abiding person who was the salt of the earth."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "And he was ironing his clothes, having a snack to eat. We found him not completely dressed. I mean he was in his boxers, in his front yard."

Patrick Fraser: "It was seven years ago, May 2000 in North Miami, Rory was eating lunch in his home when, for some reason, he ran outside."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "We feel he was drawn outside. Maybe it's a hunch, somebody set the alarm to get him to come outside because he had his car keys with him."

Patrick Fraser: "People in the area saw a man and saw a van."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "We learned from a couple of witnesses that there was a red van that pulled up in front of the house. One black male subject exited that van, went into the yard. They heard the shots, they looked back, they see that subject run back to the van, and the van takes off."

Patrick Fraser: "Detectives found the casings from the bullets that killed Rory, but the killer didn't leave many other clues."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "Outside nothing but grass and a few trees several feet away. There is nothing for a bad guy to touch or leave his prints on or anything."

Patrick Fraser: "Not a lot of evidence, but Rory did tell some friends he had gotten into a fight with someone."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "Because a couple of his co-workers saw where his hands were swollen, from where he hit somebody. He never got to tell his best friend who he fought with or why. He mentioned to another co-worker and friend that he thought he was being followed by someone, like he had seen the same vehicle a couple of times following him, but he wasn't sure, and then three days later, on Tuesday, he's killed."

Patrick Fraser: "North Miami detectives did their best to find out who Rory had fought with and who might have followed Rory, or who might have wanted Rory dead. They went door to door, with Rory's picture in hand, hoping someone knew something. No one did, leading detectives to another possibility: maybe Rory wasn't the target after all."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "We always think of that, you know, maybe they got the wrong person. Maybe the car he had was a very similar car, that, at that time, was very popular, and maybe they got the wrong person. Maybe they thought it was him who did something and it wasn't."

Patrick Fraser: "Seven years later, detectives still have unanswered questions and so do Rory's parents.

Fitzgerald Cox, father: "I would like the person or persons to be found, just to ask them, you know, what it was that he did or could've done, you know, to warrant taking his life."

Patrick Fraser: "The killer took a wonderful young man's life, shot him in his front yard and got away with it."

Detective Felix Guaderrama of North Miami Police: "I don't consider it a perfect crime but a very lucky murder suspect."

Patrick Fraser: "A nasty murderer still alive, a good young man dead and a family trying to get through each day."

Fitzgerald Cox, father: "And nobody understands my pain. It's never ending. Every morning it's a fresh, fresh pain that I have to carry throughout the day, everyday, everyday."

Patrick Fraser: "If you know the person or people responsible for killing Rory Cox seven years ago, it's now time to give North Miami cold case detectives a call, and if you know of a murder victim you fear has been forgotten, give us a call. There are still many people who are out for justice."

Don't be afraid to share any information you may have. If you call Out for Justice with a tip on a cold case, you do not have to identify yourself.


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