Nothing says romance better than a private hiding place, and at the 1930 Social Club you have to find the secret entrance to get in.

Dominic Cavagnuolo: “Some people are in the know, and they know to walk through, but others kind of wander around and ask, and we gracefully show them, ‘Here’s the door,’ and they go get another experience.”

The 1930 Social Club is part of Lucali’s Brooklyn-style pizza joint in Sunset Harbour. Once you find the secret panel in the restaurant’s wall, you’ll walk into a intimate, dimly lit room.

Channing Choate: “I like the lighting. I like the atmosphere. And it’s a good date night; it’s kind of hidden and a secret.”

Cozy up to the bar, where there are vintage board games to play and silent black and white films playing in the background.

Dominic Cavagnuolo: “1930 Social Club is kind of a throwback. Growing up in Brooklyn there were many social clubs. The men played cards, they talked about the old times.”

Alexandra Litowitz: “Drinking wine, having fun with friends, playing Connect Four.”

Since food and romance go hand in hand, you can always slip back over to Lucali’s to share a pie.

Dominic Cavagnuolo: “Lucali is authentic Brooklyn brick oven pizza. The recipe for the sauce comes from our grandmother.”

Landon Ray: “Who doesn’t like good pizza and great wine? That makes the date night.”

You don’t have to travel to Greece for romance. Get that lovin’ feeling at Kouzina Greek Bistro in Midtown.

Richard Perez: “It’s a very romantic restaurant. I’m here with my fiancée. The colors, it makes you feel like you’re in Greece. It really does.”

Three guys from Greece recently opened the restaurant to give South Floridians an authentic taste of their beloved islands.

George Yiannikakis, Owner: “The atmosphere, we wanted to blend a little bit of the traditional with modern. We wanted to have a lot of light, we wanted to be warm. We wanted to be like the Greek Islands, like the blue and the white.”

There are romantic spots to dine inside and outside.

Kelley Verrett: “We like little cozy places like this. It’s very romantic; the trees, the lighting, and the candles.”

When it comes to food, fish is flown in from Greece each day, and there are tasty starters like the pesto calamari.

George Yiannikakis: “Baby calamari with pesto sauce and shredded crunchy kataifi phyllo, which is a Greek phyllo.”

Kelley Verrett: “I had the Greek salad, and we had the calamari, and the fried zucchini. The fried zucchini is awesome.” (laughs)

Kisses aren’t on the menu. We’ll leave that up to you.

Both places are equally delicious, and we do suggest you make a reservation.


Lucali/1930 Social Club

1930 Bay Rd.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 695-4441



3535 NE 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137

(954) 394-4140

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