Romance Apps

WSVN — If you're trying to meet someone special, we've got an app that will improve your odds.

"Gender Zoo" tells you who's hanging out at a club before you pay that cover charge. Find out the male to female ratio for any bar near you in real time. It even tells you age ranges and crowd types like professional, military or student.

And if cupid's arrow finds its mark, "Slots of Love" will help you keep love alive. Use the slot machine for random romance ideas or browse the his and hers section for simple fun ways to let your partner know you care. Ideas are constanly updated so you can always go back for more.

If that romance turns into a walk down the isle:

"Wedding 911" by The Knot is a great source for the busy bride on the go. Get expert wedding advice on everything from bridal hairstyles to when to cut the cake. Ask your own questions and get answers from other brides-to-be. "Wedding 911 is the perfect app-sessory for the modern day bride.

CRAIG STEVENS: "Wedding 911 and gender zoo are free downloads. Slots of love costs 99 cents."


Gender Zoo

Slots of Love

Wedding 911