WSVN — Thousands of women undergo hysterectomies every year in this country but new technology is making the surgery easier and recovery much faster. 7’s Diana Diaz shows us how this robotic relief works.

Life was moving along smoothly for Lesbia Hansen until an exercise class one day.

Lesbia Hansen: “I was having a kickboxing class and all of a sudden I felt a very acute pain.”

After several tests, a doctor told her fibroids or cysts in her uterus were causing her pain. Then came the words no woman wants to hear.

Lesbia Hansen: “We need to do a hysterectomy and I said, ‘Oh. I don’t think so Doc. Not me!”

Hysterectomy, or the surgical removal of the uterus, has traditionally meant a large incision across the belly and weeks of recovery. Then the Da Vinci robot made things a little better.

Dr. Moises Lichtinger: “Da Vinci essentially is a robotic arm or several robotic arms.”

It allowed surgeons to access the uterus through four small incisions, but now at Holy Cross Hospital, doctors have refined the robot procedure to make it even better.

It’s called single site hysterectomy.

Dr. Moises Lichtinger: “Now we are using one single port in the naval that harbors all those instruments and the scope.”

Here’s how it works. The surgeon makes one tiny incision through the patient’s bellybutton, then from a command center in the OR, the robotic arms do the work.

Dr. Moises Lichtinger: “It takes between one and three hours to perform the procedure.”

Lesbia says she will never forget seeing the robot when she was wheeled into surgery.

Lesbia Hansen: “I remember seeing this thing and thinking it looks like a transformer!”

But she’s thankful that transformer got her out of the hospital the next day.

Lesbia Hansen: “Realizing ‘Whoa. I had this done. I’m feeling great.”

Lesbia says any woman facing this operation should do her homework but she would recommend this robotic relief.

Lesbia Hansen: “I’m just very grateful that I picked this doctor and this procedure. It makes a big difference.”

The procedure was approved by the FDA six months ago. It is not meant for women who need a hysterectomy due to cancer.


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