WSVN — Officials have uncovered new developments in the "risky romance" relationship between a cop and the wife of a man he arrested on a murder charge.

It began with the murder of James Duarte. He was executed in his car behind a North Miami Beach office building, and authorities charged David Superville with second degree murder in the case, but there's a strange twist now playing out in court.

Detective Ed Hill arrested Superville and later allegedly started a romance and a business with Superville's estranged wife.

Superville's attorney thinks the case should be history. "So I think this case is going to fall apart. It's a question not of if but of when," Andrew Rier said. "There's been a dramatic and substantial change in circumstances since the last time we were before you for trial."

In court, it was clear the state is not ready to drop this case. "I think at this point we need to set it for trial and put it in trial posture again, and if something develops, it develops. If not, we'll deal with it at that date," Assistant State Attorney Joseph Mansfield said.

The judge has granted a request to take Detective Hill's deposition for a second time. Superville's attorney has new questions based on an internal affairs report by the North Miami Beach Police Department. In it, Superville's ex admits to having sex with Hill. It was enough for the police department to substantiate allegations of conduct unbecoming. Chief Ralph Hernandez said, "Eddie is very passionate and a good man, so he realized he had to pay for his actions. We gave him 120 hours of leave without pay."

The North Miami Beach Police Chief defends the 20-year veteran and said he believes Hill and Superville's estranged wife never discussed the criminal case against her husband. "What happened after the fact had nothing to do with a criminal investigation," Hernandez said.

Detective Hill, meanwhile, remains on suspension. When he returns, he will do desk work until his upcoming retirement officials said.

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