WSVN — One company is warning the public about one of the biggest car recalls ever, with 34 million cars with faulty airbags, as well as other recalls.

Chris Basso, CARFAX: "The airbag could rupture and metal could come flying at you."

Angel Morciego, recalled car: "My car has a recall for the airbag on the driver side. It’s scary because I can be facing a serious injury."

Jorge and Angel were shocked when they learned they were driving with dangerous airbags.    

Jorge Parreno: "I’m a little bit paranoid now. I’m a little scared, and I kinda want to go to the dealership and get that fixed as soon as possible."

But they are not alone. With a representative from the app called CARFAX, we shocked a number of drivers at Miami Dade College with the fact that their cars had unfixed recalls.

Chris Basso: "There’s an issue with the ignition key that if that part fails, your car could lose power while driving. So, it’s an issue with the rear axle."

Chris Basso: "Did you know about that?"

Octavio Suarez, rear axle recall: "No, I didn’t know about that."

Octavio was shocked to find out he missed a major recall on the axle of his car.

Octavio Suarez: "Even though I had done my previous research, I didn’t find out about this recall."

And it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Chris Basso: "Did you know you had a recall on it?"

Stephanie Zinni, Miami driver: "Nope, I didn’t."

Chris Basso: "Any one of these recalls could cause accidents, fires, even exploding airbags."

When Chris Basso met Stephanie, she told him, as long as the car could run, she wouldn’t worry about it.

Stephanie Zinni, Miami driver: "When lights and stuff go on on the inside, I just kind of ignore it until I absolutely have to get it taken care of."

Chris Basso: (checking license plate) "One of these recalls is almost 10 years old."

But it’s not just about you and your car.

Chris Basso: "So many cars on the streets have unfixed recalls that could cause potential danger to, not only the passengers of those vehicles, but everybody else on the road as well."

CARFAX is hoping to put the brakes on dangerous recalls.

Chris Basso: (speaking to couple) "We’ve got a free app that checks for recalls just using the license plate."

You can check your car by entering your license plate or your vin number. Then, the app will come back with any recalls. The best part is that it will let you know if any new recalls come up down the road.

Stephanie Zinni: "I’m always on my phone, so whenever a notification comes up, I’m going to get it right away."

And these drivers say they’re happy knowing they’re protected from taking a risky ride.

Octavio Suarez: "It can help me out, and probably save my life."

The myCARFAX app also keeps track of oil changes, tire rotations, and even the status of your registration, all for free!

To download the app and find out more about myCARFAX, go to

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