WSVN — There’s nothing better than getting that expensive item you love on sale. But getting the best deal is all about the timing. Lynn Martinez breaks it all down for you in Dollars and Sense.

Black Friday is known as the day to rush into stores to take advantage of big sales, but there are other days all year long when you can save big at your favorite stores.

Leanette Fernandez: “Maybe there’s a pattern there that you can see. Maybe it is Mondays or Tuesdays and then shop on those days.”

And many stores put things on sale at the same time every week. For makeup and other beauty basics, drug store divas should hit CVS late Sunday or early Monday mornings.

Leanette Fernandez: “Typically CVS does their markdowns on Sundays.”

When it comes to clothes, there’s nothing worse than finding a great shirt on sale but not being able to find your size.

That’s why knowing when your favorite store marks things down gives you the upper hand.

Leanette Fernandez: “J. C. Penney typically marks down their items over the weekend so you may want to check it out Monday morning for those pink stickers.”

The GAP usually cuts prices every other Monday. Tuesday is the best day to hit Macy’s.

Leanette Fernandez: “Macy’s typically starts on Sundays, but they may not finish up until Monday or Tuesday.”

It’s not hard to find out when your favorite store discounts their products, just google it.

Target does different departments on certain days every week.

Kohl’s marks things down twice a month. on the 2nd and 4th Saturday.

If you can’t find it online, ask at the store.

Leanette Fernandez: “Make friends with the people at the store, especially if you frequent them.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting what you want for less.

Leanette Fernandez: “Anywhere I can save or I can shop and save a little bit more, I’m going to pursue those sort of options just to get more for my money.”

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