The ultimate doomsday device is hidden deep inside enemy territory, and it's up to Team RED — Retired & Extremely Dangerous — to save the world and clear their names.

Helen Mirren is back as crack assassin Victoria. So what do you say when someone asks you to off your friends?

VICTORIA: "Well, I said yes. You know, the money's good, and if I don't do it, someone else will."

So it's safe to say the gang is armed to the teeth. We asked Dame Helen if she got in some target practice to prepare for the role.

HELEN MIRREN: "I trained a bit, not a huge amount."

Sooo … is there anyone in Hollywood she'd like to "take a shot at?"

HELEN MIRREN: (laughs) "That's a terrible question."

Mary-Louise Parker's character, Sarah, wants sooo much to be one of the guys … but she's a little lost in the world of international espionage and assassinations. But if there's a, say, "Red 3," she knows exactly who she wants to join the team.

MARY-LOUISE PARKER: (to Bruce Willis) "Maybe you could do it in the next movie. Have a little band."

BRUCE WILLIS: "A little band, mmm-hmm…"

MARY-LOUISE PARKER: "Cause I think Cher should be in the next movie."

But if Cher's one of the villains, I may end up rooting for the bad guys.


MARY-LOUISE PARKER: "It's a good idea, right?"


INTERROGATOR: (to Victoria) "I've never heard of you. Must have been a little bit before my time."

(Victoria hits him)

VICTORIA: "Well. you've heard of me now."

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