WSVN — For 22-year-old Andrew Hibbitt, every step he takes forward during a run reminds him of just how far he’s come in life

Andrew Hibbitt: “I was limited in the things I could do.”

For 11 years, Andrew suffered from epileptic seizures.

Andrew Hibbitt: “When I grew older and got taller I actually started falling.”

Andrew loved to run and bike but was always afraid a seizure would strike.

Andrew Hibbitt: “I was scared all the time. I had a seizure once when I was riding a bike, and I did crash and hurt myself.”

When medications could not control the seizures any longer, Andrew’s doctors at Miami Children’s Hospital decided it was time to see if the teenager was a candidate for surgery.

Dr.Sanjiv Bhatia: “Nowadays surgery is so safe that the results of surgery are very good.”

New technology allows doctors to pinpoint exactly where the seizures are coming from.

Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia: “Once we knew exactly which part of the brain was having a seizure we had to figure out whether this part of the brain was important to Andrew in any way.”

Fortunately, tests showed the seizures were coming from an area that wasn’t important to Andrew’s daily function.

Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia: “The part of the brain responsible for his movement was just behind the part of the brain causing the seizures, so we had to be careful. We were able to remove this without any long-term consequences for Andrew”

Since the surgery Andrew has been seizure-free.

Andrew Hibbitt: “I’ve lived a new life for five years now.”

After his recovery, Andrew did his first triathlon and got hooked. He has now competed in more than 20 races and often places at the top of his age group.

Andrew Hibbitt: “I’m very grateful to say that I’m able to compete in something again and not have that fear.”

A relief as he continues to race forward in life.

Diana Diaz: “Andrew is looking forward to competing in his first international triathlon in London this September.”


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