Quadriplegic author finds peace, inspiration after car crash

WSVN — A young woman in South Florida was changed forever after a car accident in 2010, but now, she’s sharing her incredible story of survival. Here’s the Nightteam’s Danielle Knox with her story.

Glenneisha Darkins used to live for basketball. She was a star player all throughout high school at Miami Killian Senior High School.

Glenneisha Darkins: "Life was pretty easy back then. I loved school. I loved going."

Glenneisha Darkins: "Basketball was my outlet for my frustrations, anger and everything. I had a lot of friends, I was very popular."

But life has changed dramatically since those days of shooting hoops. The 24-year old has written a book that walks readers through a journey that changed her life forever.

Glenneisha Darkins: "It led me to publishing on Amazon, and it’s called ‘The Freedom Chair: The Diary of a Quadriplegic.’"

Glenneisha Darkins: "I hope to completely bring awareness to people who are unaware about spinal cord injuries, and how your life can change in the blink of an eye."

Darkins was just a college student back in 2010, trying to get home to Miami for the holidays, when she was paralyzed in a rollover crash.

Glenneisha Darkins: "I woke up, actually, in the hospital. I was told I was thrown 25 feet away from the accident. The last thing I remember was buckling up at the gas station."

The crash left her a quadriplegic and dependent on a ventilator, but Darkins refused to let it break her spirit. Now, she hopes to inspire others to keep going, even after tragedy.

Aside from being a published author, she’s also a gifted artist.

Glenneisha Darkins: "I started painting last year in February with my mouth, and it completely changed everything. It made me feel like I can do anything I want to do. I’m confident now."

Her mom, Angelic, who’s been by her side through it all, says she’s proud of everything Glenneisha has overcome.

Angelic Philon: "I always kept my belief in her, because I knew she was a fighter from the time she was a little kid. Up until now, she fights. She’s breaking barriers, doing things that are phenomenal. It’s so awesome; she’s inspiring me."

Darkins has a message for anyone dealing with adversity.

Glenneisha Darkins: "Please stay inspired. No one is always optimistic, but please find that strength inside of you."

Darkins is currently enrolled at FIU where she is graduating soon. For more information on her book, go to http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Chair-Open-Diary-Quadriplegic/dp/1502965321