Protecting Your Pet: How to perform lifesaving CPR to save your pet

WSVN — What would you do if your pet stopped breathing? Believe it or not, there is CPR for dogs. 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us how you can learn the steps for ‘Protecting Your Pet.’

A fun day at the dog beach turns tragic… a YouTube video shows two bystanders performing CPR on a lifeless labrador.

This dog was brought back to life after it stopped breathing in a park.

Two dogs were saved because someone knew what to do.

Like many people in South Florida, Jody Brothers lives on the water.

Jody Brothers, pet owner: "She always liked to walked the ledge and it made me nervous." 

And one day her worst fears came true.

Jody Brothers: "She missed with one foot and fell over sideways and fell down about three feet into the water."

They got Sadie out in time…. but Jody realized she wouldn’t have known how to save her dog if she was drowning.

And that’s why she enrolled in this pet CPR class. 

Instructor Cynthia Stone says drowning is the second most common cause of accidental death in dogs.

Cynthia Stone, certified pet instructor: "Anybody that loves an animal can do this." 

Pet CPR is similar to the CPR performed on humans. You check for breathing… 
Cynthia Stone: "I’m looking to see if there’s any bubbles or indication that there’s breath coming."

And if there’s no breath… you start chest compressions. 

Cynthia Stone: "Here we go… one, two, three, four."

And if that doesn’t work, you learn how to do rescue breathing.

Cynthia Stone: "Now you’re going to breathe into the nose."

They train on all dogs, no matter the size. So whether you have a chihuahua or a husky, you can be ready to help your pet.

Laura Souza, pet owner: "I want to make sure I know how to take care of them if God forbid, something happens." 

Jody says she feels better about Sadie walking near the lake now that she has the skills to protect her pet. 

Jody Brothers: "She’s my best friend."

Cynthia says Pet CPR is the same for both dogs and cats.  And the classes include basic pet first aid as well.

In the Plex, Belkys Nerey, 7News.