WSVN — If your child’s dream is to do play professional football or become a sprinter in the Olympics then they might want to start right here.

James Meder: “We have a 15,000 square foot comprehensive facility.”

Meder is talking about Fast Twitch, a brand new training facility in the heart of Miami.

James Meder: “If you’re looking for a place where you’re just going to go through the motions this isn’t it.”

Fast Twitch is not a gym, it’s a place for the up and coming, committed athlete to get high performance training for his or her sport.

James Meder: “We have not only the training aspect, but also sports psychology or mental conditioning, we have physical therapy, stretch therapy, massage therapy.”

Chris Lammons is a rising football star at Plantation High School.

Chris Lammons: “I play corner and quarterback.”

The high school senior knows getting to the top of his sport is hard work.

Chris Lammons: “I practice every day, because you just want to be the best. So, I practice and I try and practice harder than other people.”

Chris came to Fast Twitch as part of their non-profit program to help underprivileged athletes reach their ultimate goal of going pro.

James Meder: “It’s actually selecting a handful of athletes that we can really provide our services to and help them to that next level.”

Sharif has come a long way to train to become a professional triathlete.

Sharif Kakooza: “I was born in Kapala City, which is the capital of Uganda, but I was raised in one of the small slums in Kapala.”

He escaped the violence in his country to come to America and follow his dream. He says the team at Fast Twitch is helping him reach that goal.

Sharif Kakooza: “They not only train you physically, they train you mentally.”

James says the training here is intense but he’s happy to be able to provide these young athletes what they need the most.

James Meder: “Scouts are down here, colleges are looking in these areas.”

And so far, Chris is seeing his hard work pay off.

Chris Lammons: “Actually I have 25 different offers from different colleges around the world.”

Lynn Martinez: We’re happy to announce Chris will soon be wearing a Gator uniform! His coach tells us he has committed to the University of Florida. Congrats Chris!


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