WSVN — Halloween is over and the holidays are just around the corner. Nothing welcomes holiday guests better than a beautiful front entrance. Our makeover maestro has some simple tips to get a front entry perfect for any day of the year.

Martin Amado: "The holiday season has officially begun and of course, we want our homes to look their very best for all those get-togethers. Yes, we can decorate indoors, but curb appeal is also important. On today’s ‘Room for Improvement’ we’re giving this front entrance some much needed tender love and care, so that it makes a great first impression."

Martin Amado: "The obvious choice is to plant some flowers, but before we get to that, let’s address the large, empty wall."

Martin Amado: "This is a simple fix as part of your fall maintenance check-list. Instead of painting over it, you can treat the stain with a simple rust remover. It does the trick."

Martin Amado: "Always wear protective gloves when using harsh chemicals."

Martin Amado: "With the wall clean, I can install my surprise element. Typically arbors are used in walkways, but in this case, by placing it up against a large wall, I’m turning it into an architectural detail in this otherwise small garden area."

Martin Amado:  "As you can see, the arbor is made out of wood. But even as it weathers, it still maintains it’s character. So, I love it."

Martin Amado: "Arbor is in place. Let’s begin planting."

Martin Amado: "I know yard work isn’t fun, but it’s a part of the process to get to that end goal. You gotta get a little bit dirty."

Martin Amado: "Mulching has two functions. It’s attractive and it also retains moisture so your watering your plants less."

Martin Amado: "And the final touch here in the center of the arbor is a metal grate as my artwork."

Martin Amado: "Sometimes I do have to trade in my paint brush and decorative accessories for a rake and a shovel. But don’t overlook your front entrance when giving your home a spruce up now for the holidays. It’s well worth it. Don’t forget to join me online for more tips in our ‘Online Extra’ and I’ll see you next time on another ‘Room for Improvement’."

Need a little design inspiration? Request a consultation with Martin on our website and click on ‘Room for Improvement.’ Also online, check out Martin’s tips for getting the perfect flower garden without a green thumb in our ‘Online Extra’ on the home page.


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