WSVN — “Pop-up” bars and restaurants are still springing up around Miami and there are some temporary spots that you don’t want to miss! In tonight’s Style File, 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us which pop-ups to hit before they’re gone.

They gained a sweet following at local farmers markets and now Illegal Bakery is popping up with their coveted baked goods at the restaurant Taperia Raca in Miami’s Mimo District.

Aly Coolidge: “As soon as I heard about it, we came the very first day.”

Owners Michael and Keily are taking over the restaurant for breakfast and lunch, doing what they do best: Breaking food rules!

Michael Mayta: “We’re marrying two different kinds of flavors sometimes, giving it a little bit of an illegal twist of our own.”

Monday through Friday scoop up fan favorites like homemade pop tarts, ice cream sandwiches and French macaroons.

Michael Mayta: “The flavors on macaroons change daily. We’ve done fruity pebbles, s’mores, captain crunch.”

For lunch, try their illegal greens, with chocolate covered almonds and pickled blueberries. Or their kicked-up bird sandwich!

Aly Coolidge: “It was mole chicken on jalapeno bread, challah bread with pieces of jalapeno.”

Tyler Kenchad: “I had the special today, the corn and beef hash. It was so good because they used bacon fat for the corn bread. They serve it in a skillet.”

The illegal pop-up will be at Taperia Raca until at least Sept. 8.

From a bakery to a bar. Check out Brickell’s first pop-up called Better Days!

Challo Schott: “I wanted to do something different and fun.”

At first glance, the bar, which is stuffed with kitschy and vintage items throughout, actually looks more like a thrift store!

Carin Kirby: “It’s so detailed oriented, the jenga, the playboys”

Just like a real thrift store, see something you like, you can buy it.

Challo Schott: “You can come in anytime and haggle and negotiate with us on the goods there.”

Nick Chavez: “This place is pretty cool, the decor, the atmosphere and the drinks are really good.”

The philosophy for drinks here is strong and sweet with a splash of throwback.

Challo Schott: “We’re making 70’s-inspired drinks with a lot of canned beers and items that were relevant in the 70’s.”

The pop-up bar is on a 90-day plan but the hope is better days are still ahead.

Carin Kirby: “We want it to stay permanently!”

Challo Schott: “As long as we get the support from the locals that we need, we’ll be here longer.”

Better Days also has an online thrift store, where you can buy some of the vintage furniture.

And just to be clear, Taperia Raca is still open for dinner and weekend brunch, serving up their Spanish tapas.

For More Information:

ILLEGAL Bakery @ Taperia Raca
7010 Biscayne Boulevard
Popping-up now through September.
Serves breakfast and lunch from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Mondays – Fridays.
Taperia Raca serves its regular dinner menu Tuesday – Thursday, from 4:00PM – 10:00PM and Friday & Saturday, from 4:00PM – 11:00PM.


Better Days
500 Brickell Bldg
Miami, FL 33131
Open 7 Days/5PM-5AM