WSVN — From burgers to grilled cheese, you've probably gorged yourself on the food truck craze. Now there's something new on the culinary scene a pop-up restaurant.

Aniece Meinhold: "Pop-up restaurants are literally temporary restaurants. They'll pop up one day. They might be there a week, three months and then they're gone."

Patrick Lune: "It reminds me of something I would find in San Fran or New York. It has this illicit feel to it, like I'm somewhere I'm not supposed to be."

Phuc Yea is Miami's first pop-up restaurant hidden away in Downtown.

Aniece Meinhold: "We are foreseeing three months at this location."

In other words, don't get too attached. During the day this little spot on Southeast Second Avenue is a mom-and-pop restaurant called Crown Bistro. They move out at 3 p.m. and then Phuc Yea pops in.

Aniece Meinhold: "We come in, sort of transition the place, change up the kitchen, open the curtains, put our logo everywhere and we have Phuc Yea from 5:30 on."

The small Asian eatery only has eight tables. Aniece Meinhold and her team serve up Vietnamese cuisine, many of the items inspired by her mother's recipes.

Aniece Meinhold: "My background is Vietnamese There are some traditional items I've grown up eating, like the Imperial rolls, oodles of noodles, and the spring roll wrappers."

Frank Eschanique: "Lots of flavor, good spices without being overwhelming."

Let me just say, for you brave souls they also offer some interesting dishes like crispy pig ear salad.

Belkys: "Nice, crunchy, little bit spicy. So that's what pig ear tastes like."

Aniece Meinhold: "Not scary at all."

And for those who've heard about all the jellyfish in our waters lately, how about a jellyfish salad.

Aniece Meinhold: "This is a jellyfish salad."

Belkys: "Oh righty then."

Aniece Meinhold: "It has a little bit of mango, some peanuts, crispy shallots and a touch of fish sauce."

Belkys: "Here we go, say hello to my little jellyfish friend. Tastes kinda like a seaweed salad. This is for the time you bit me at the beach."

This guy dines out and rates restaurants for Yelp, he's says he's now been here two nights in a row.

Patrick Lune: "We rate it on a star system, so I rate it five stars, out of five. Thumbs up for the pop-up."

So pop over fast or it'll be gone before you know it.

Belkys Nerey: "Here's the deal Phuc Yea is hidden away in Sowntown. Look for the ingram building, and it's right near the Sprint store. They don't take reservations, and it gets packed so get there early."


Phuc Yea!19 SE Second AvenueMiami, FL786-383-2408

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