WSVN — If you have a tween or teen, chances are they’re probably obsessed with a famous singer.

Natalia Perez: “Taylor Swift.”

Sofia Enriquez: “I looove One Direction.”

Teresita Perez-Mom: “They sing all day, they sing in front of the mirror.”

You can be the coolest parent on the block by making your kids dreams of being a singer come true, throw them a party at Master House Studios in Doral where they can be a pop star for a day.

Jose Blanco-Master House Studios: “For a few hours they get to be in a real studio and see what the process is like.”

They’ll be extra excited to know famous artists have recorded there.

Jose Blanco-Master House Studios: “From Aerosmith to Julio Iglesias to Pitbull.”

The pop star party kicks off with a walk down the red carpet, and then the group gets all dolled up to look like a celebrity singer.

The cool factor really sets in when it’s time to step into the studio.

Katherine Gonzalez: “We’re singing “Call Me Maybe” by Carlie Jepson. It’s like upbeat and fun.”

The group gets to choose and record three songs together.

Ariana Reyes: “It was pretty cool.”

Sofia Enriquez: “It feels like you’re a real pop star cause you’re like speaking into those cool microphones.”

Natalia Perez; “You didn’t have to worry about singing alone, and being scared. You could sing with all your friends.”

Once the recording is done the studio is transformed into a dance party.

Jose Blanco: “Smoke machines, lights, video playing, music.”

Chloe Oliver: “This was my favorite day ever! Best day.”

And the day gets even better because everyone gets a CD of their music.

Katherine Gonzalez : “We should sooo get a real record.”

Teresita-Mom: “I’m going hear this song and learn it myself because I’m going to hear it over and over and over again.”

Sorry parents, looks like you might have to get a pair of those noise-canceling headphones. Rock on!

The price for a pop star party starts at $379.


Master House Studios

2906 N.W. 108th Avenue

Miami, Fl 33172

(305) 629-8355

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