Biden hosts fundraising event in South Florida for Wasserman Schultz

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - Vice President Joe Biden made a stop in South Florida on Friday in what turned out to be a busy news day on the campaign trail.

Biden arrived at Miami International Airport Friday afternoon, but before he got down to business, he joined Debbie Wasserman Schultz for ice cream at Whip’n Dip in Coral Gables. Biden settled on the white chocoate with chocolate chips, while Wasserman Schultz got the Snickers.

Biden later hosted a Democratic fundraising event for the reelection of Wasserman Schultz. Her reelection fight has been a tough one. She resigned from her position as Chair of the Democratic National Committee after a leak of hacked emails appeared to show the party favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

During his visit, Biden spoke about his opinion of how Donald Trump delayed his endorsement for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is running for reelection. “I can’t figure out Mr. Trump. I have known him a while now, not well,” Biden said.

Hours later, on Friday night, Trump endorsed Ryan at a rally in Wisconsin. Trump also attempted to walk back his claim that he saw a video of a U.S. cash payment made to Iran.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton blasted Trump and also tried to explain her answers in recent interviews that FBI director James Comey said that her public answers about her emails were truthful, a statement that was ruled false by fact checkers.

Clinton also picked up another high profile endorsement: former CIA director Mike Morell. He’d said he’ll be voting for her in November.

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