Local residents speak out on Trump ahead of Miami stop

MIAMI (WSVN) - South Floridians sounded off on Donald Trump on the eve of the presumptive Republican nominee’s first Miami campaign stop in more than eight months.

Trump is scheduled to meet with two dozen Hispanic community leaders at the iconic Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana, Friday. After lunch, Trump will deliver a policy speech at the DoubleTree hotel in Miami.

Area residents spoke to 7News outside Versailles about the candidate’s visit. “I’d like to hear more substance,” said Wendy Perry. “I really do want to hear more policies. He hasn’t thought it through.”

However, Edelmiro Hernandez said he will be casting his ballot for the candidate the GOP selects at the Republican convention in Cleveland. “We will be voting for whoever is nominated by the Republican Party.”

Not everyone feels that way. A pro-immigration group called United Families group presented the Versailles manager with a letter protesting the visit. It reads in part, “[Versailles’] doors have always been open to immigrants who look for a place to share their experiences. It is for that reason that we are very disappointed that your restaurant is welcoming a person who does not sympathize with our community and effectively has used us as scapegoats in his path for power.”

Thomas Kennedy said he plans to protest Trump’s Versailles stop. “If he’s here [Friday], then we’re also going to be here expressing our opposition,” he said.

The campaign stops are an attempt to court Latinos, Cuban-Americans in particular, who tend to vote Republican but have yet to fully embrace the business tycoon. “Well, I guess he’s trying to appeal to the Hispanic vote,” said Fatima Slotkin. “About time.”

On Thursday, Trump met with Republicans at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C. as he aimed to unify the party around his campaign.

He also sat down with U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and offered his former rival a speaking slot at the Republican convention in Cleveland. Cruz accepted.

Trump may be facing a divided crowd in Miami on Friday. “My reaction? Why not? If it’s just to meet, sure,” said Toni Gabucan.

“He’s coming here to visit us, and we are very proud to receive him,” said Fernando Gonzalez. “I’m going to vote for him. I am a Republican.”

After his Little Havana stop, Trump plans to hold a news conference, and reports have surfaced that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be joining him there.

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