BOCA RATON, FLA. (WSVN) - A Florida lawmaker said she has received violent threats in the nearly two weeks after she asked the state’s surgeon general and his aides to wear masks in her office.

Florida State Sen. Tina Polsky said she received a profanity-laced voicemail on Tuesday.

“All I have to say is that you’re a sorry-[expletive] piece of [expletive]. We don’t care that you have cancer,” the caller said in the voicemail. “You are a racist, racist [expletive] [expletive], and there is no reason why that man had to put a frickin’ mask on for your stupid [expletive].”

The lawmaker spoke with 7News via Zoom on Thursday.

“It’s just so sad, truly, that this is what’s in somebody’s heart,” she said.

Polsky, who has cancer and is undergoing treatment, said she had asked State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo and his two aides to put on a mask during an Oct. 20 meeting.

Ladapo and his staff, however, refused to put on face coverings.

“We have a sign outside that says, ‘Please wear a mask.’ I was wearing a mask; so was one of my aides,” she said. “I did tell him I have a serious medical condition, and he just refused to do so, so finally, after too long a period of time, I said, ‘OK, you can leave now.'”

Ladapo, appointed in September, has been critical of the public health focus on vaccines as a crucial tool for battling the coronavirus pandemic.

“Florida will completely reject fear,” he said during a recent speech.

Since the meeting, the Democratic senator said she has received several threats, including Tuesday’s voicemail.

“You know what? I don’t give a [expletive] about your cancer. People have cancer every [expletive] day, all right? I don’t care about your [expletive] cancer,” said the caller. “You go and you huddle with other people without wearing a mask, but then you have a problem with a [expletive] Republican? [Expletive] you, you piece of [expletive] [expletive], you Jew [expletive] [expletive]. [Expletive] off and die.”

Polsky has been pictured with other people not wearing a mask. She said that’s because the people with whom she’s interacting are family members, friends or colleagues, and she knows they are vaccinated.

The legislator has forwarded the message to the Florida Senate’s Sergeant at Arms. She is also in contact with Capitol Police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, particularly because Tuesday’s call includes a direct threat.

“Step the [expletive] down because we’re going to drag your [expletive] out,” said the caller.

“I pity the hate in your heart, and you really need some help, and you need to figure out your anger,” said Polsky.

Since the meeting, Polsky said she has had to shut off the comments section in her Facebook account, and her staff has had to hire more security.

During an Oct. 28 press conference, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was asked about the incident.

“There’s no room for threats, for anything. I mean, we have a crazy political time. There’s people that do a lot of things that I disagree with,” he said. “I think the way the people have tried to treat the surgeon general, I think, has been unfortunate, and I don’t think it’s been right. At the same time, I would never countenance any of that. I think that that’s wrong.”

Polsky said all she wanted was a little compassion, especially since DeSantis’ wife, Casey DeSantis, has also been diagnosed with cancer, but instead, the governor justified Ladapo’s actions.

“We have to show empathy and compassion for people, and everything is not political,” she said. “Everyone, please try to be kind to one another. Everybody’s going through something.”

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