South Florida residents react to Trump’s big win

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - South Florida played a major role in the final outcome of the presidential election, and while the result may not be what some expected, some in Little Havana are celebrating the big win.

Cafe Versailles was packed with people overjoyed about the upcoming Donald Trump presidency. 7News was on the scene as bells started ringing, champagne started flowing and American flags began waving when the results were announced, early Wednesday morning, before Trump had even taken the stage.

“The Cuban community got together, and we are taking Trump to the White House,” said Trump supporter Ali Rivera. “And we’re making America great again.”

“He’s my president, and I’m very, very happy for him,” said one woman. “Very, very proud to be an American today.”

“Everybody is so very happy,” said another Trump supporter.

While people celebrated well into the night, most are already thinking about what they hope the billionaire businessman will accomplish in the Oval Office. “We hope that Trump will do something positive for the illegal immigrants that are working and paying taxes in this country,” said one woman.

The results kept coming in well into the overnight hours and people at the “Hispanics for Trump” watch party were glued to the TVs, cheering with every new result that came in.

“First of all, he will take Obamacare out,” said a party goer. “He will bring in better healthcare that will work for everybody in the community. Second of all, he’ll help everybody that needs a job.”

“I read his books years ago,” said another party goer, “and I knew he would be the best person to become president.”

“It’s a new day for America,” said another Trump supporter, “and the establishment better watch out. We’re coming for them. I’m very excited. I’m extremely excited. I’m as excited as I’ve ever been.”

One man spray-painted a special message on a pro-Trump sign.

“We wrote, ‘We did it’ and ‘President Trump,'” the man said.

From the thrill of victory for Trump supporters, to the agony of defeat for Clinton supporters, it was a much different scene as the results came in. “I’m still in shock, honestly,” said Hillary Clinton supporter Leonarta Duran. “I’m still in shock.”

Clinton’s campaign office in Wynwood was quiet.

“It’s an American tragedy,” said one man.

At Miami International Airport, one man called Trump disgusting.

“He’s a disgusting man, a cretin. This is an absolute catastrophe for American politics,” he said.

Reality set in for Miami-Dade and Broward voters who came out in record numbers in favor of Clinton.

“We will be back,” said one woman.

“How are you going to bring us all together when you basically pitted us all against each other?” said Francesca Menes.

Others expressed their uncertainty in regards to the country’s outlook. “I know we have to accept the constitutional process that has occurred,” said Carlos Aguilar, “but there is a large segment of America that is still unsure of what’s going to happen with the future of this candidate.”

At Miami International Airport, Wednesday morning, there were mixed reactions from people visiting and returning home, as they got off their planes to hear the news on the new president-elect.

“Just in his campaign, he already demonstrated what a disaster he is for us,” said one man. “Our political discourse has gone down, down, down.”

Others were more optimistic. “I like him,” said another man. “I think he’s gonna do good for this country.”

Trump came out on top in all but nine of the state’s counties, taking the sunshine state by 130,000 votes.

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