WASHINGTON (WSVN) — Roger Stone spoke out to the media to say federal authorities exercised an excessive show of force during an overnight raid at his Fort Lauderdale home.

Dozens of fully decked-out FBI officials stormed Stone’s home last Friday during a pre-dawn raid, and now the 66-year-old claims, it was unnecessary.

Stone maintained his innocence in the Russia probe and complained about the exaggerated use of force during a press conference, Thursday.

“Any honest mistake I made in memory would be both immaterial and lack the intent,” Stone said. “I do intend to vigorously contest these charges.”

Stone went on to list several reasons why he believes he should have not been arrested in an overnight raid.

“I have no prior criminal record. I’m accused of non-violent process crimes. I do not own a gun. There were no guns in the house,” he said.

The FBI surrounded Stone’s home before sunrise with several law enforcement vehicles. Fully geared officers fanned out and rapped loudly on his door to wake him.

“I was not read my Miranda rights. I was brought out of the house. I was handcuffed,” said Stone. “I was standing in the street wearing a ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong’ T-shirt. It’s what I slept in.”

“My wife, who is hearing impaired, was aroused from the house. She was made to stand next to me, wearing a nightgown and barefooted,” he added.

President Donald Trump also expressed concern with how the raid played out.

In an interview, the president said he would think about asking the FBI to review its use of force in cases like this.

Trump went on to say, “…Speaking for a lot of people that were very disappointed to see that go down that way, to see it happen where it was on camera on top of it, that was a very, very disappointing scene.”

Meanwhile, Stone said he is thankful that some Republican lawmakers are questioning the FBI’s methods.

“I’m heartened by the fact that Sen. Graham and these House Republicans will get to the bottom of why this show of force was necessary,” Stone said. “If I was considered dangerous, then why was the CNN camera crew allowed within 25 feet of my front door?”

Stone was allowed to return back to his Fort Lauderdale home after a judge determined he was not a flight risk.

The 66-year-old is due back in court in Washington, D.C., Friday afternoon.

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