Former Trump associates turn over documents

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Two former associates of President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, have turned over documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee in its Russia investigation, according to reports.

“I have completely complied with the Senate Committee’s request,” said Stone. “They asked for specific documents relating to specific topics, and I am in full compliance.”

Stone said that he believes the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into possible dealings with Russia is a “witch hunt.” However, he said he will remain compliant with the investigation.

“I do not require a subpoena. I’d be happy to testify voluntarily. I am not requesting immunity,” he said.

Stone said he wants to testify in full public session to avoid his words being misrepresented.

In early May, the committee sent document requests to Manafort and Stone regarding information about dealings with Russia that may have taken place during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A spokesman for Manafort confirmed that he turned over documents and added that Manafort remains interested in cooperating with the Senate investigation.

However, former National Security advisor Gen. Michael Flynn said he is evoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

“I would urge Gen. Flynn to be completely forthcoming, as I plan to be,” said Stone.

The New York Times has reported that Flynn lied about his Russian connections while trying to qualify for a top secret security clearance.

CNN is also reporting that special prosecutor Robert Muller has been briefed on a memo kept by former FBI director James Comey, allegedly detailing how Trump asked Comey to end the investigation into Flynn.

The Washington Post is also reporting that Trump asked two top intelligence officials to deny the existence of any collusion between the Russian government and the campaign. Both men reportedly refused.

Though Stone did not say exactly what he turned in to the investigation, he maintains that he has had no contact with the Russian state.

“I have no Russian business contacts. I have not communicated with anyone in Russia or representing the Russians or representing the Russian state,” he said.

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