MIAMI (WSVN) - Protecting a former president, and the crowd that may follow him, is no small job, and South Florida is on deck a day before Donald Trump’s arrival in Miami for his arraignment in federal court.

“We wanted to assure the public that we are ready,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

Suarez hosted a news conference, Monday afternoon.

“In our city, we believe in the Constitution, we believe people should have the right to express themselves and we also believe in law and order,” Suarez said.

“Since the moment the announcement was made, we have been planning and preparing,” said Miami Police Department Chief Manuel Morales.

Morales said Miami is ready for a crowd of 5,000 to 50,000.

“To make sure that we have a comprehensive approach that is going to ensure that we maintain, not only peace and order, like the mayor said, but that everyone has the right to express themselves and the first amendment rights,” he said.

Depending on the crowd size, there may be road closures.

Around the courthouse, the plan is to have a designated first amendment zone that will be closely monitored.

The chief said that throughout the entire ordeal, there will be a unified command center.

“All of the individuals that are able to make any type of significant decision that impacts the deployment of resources or shifting of strategies =, and things that we will be using to keep the city safe, will be in the same room all together,” Morales said.

Leading up to Trump’s arrival, local and federal officials are also scouring social media for any possible threats.

“They are looking at online platforms that are associated with extremist groups,” said Former U.S. Intelligence Officer Josh Campbell.

On Monday afternoon, there were law enforcement officers on every corner and in between with police in the streets and Homeland Security agents parked around the block.

Police tape now circles the federal courthouse.

“And we hope that tomorrow will be peaceful, Suarez said. “We encourage people to be peaceful and them demonstrating how they feel, and we’re going to have the adequate forces that are necessary to ensure that.”

Suarez also said that the people who live in downtown Miami should be prepared for road closures and traffic tie-ups.

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