The ongoing investigation into former Sarasota County Commissioner and current Florida GOP Chair, Christian Ziegler, has taken a significant turn as law enforcement widens its scope following a disturbing rape allegation that surfaced in October.

The case involves an encounter between Ziegler, his wife, and a woman, leading to a subsequent accusation of non-consensual sexual activity during a second planned meeting.

According to the victim’s account, despite the cancellation of the second meeting, Ziegler allegedly appeared unexpectedly and committed the sexual assault. The latest development in the investigation now revolves around a video recording, as revealed in a recently executed search warrant.

“I’ve seen it where they fight and in other instances where it’s a very serious allegation like a homicide or a suicide caught on tape or whatever then yeah, they will cooperate in something for that, but it’s very hard to get them to agree to release documents if they exist,” commented Tampa Attorney Bryant Camareno.

The search warrant disclosed that Ziegler voluntarily presented detectives with a video recording of the sexual encounter in question. The issue lies in determining whether the victim had given her consent, a point she denies.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are navigating the complexities of obtaining cooperation and relevant documents in their pursuit of justice.

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