Florida weighs in on 12 state amendments on ballot

(WSVN) - (WSVN) – Residents in Florida headed to the polls on Election Day to voice their opinion on a dozen amendments. As of 10 p.m., the majority of amendments were on track to pass.

Amendment 1 (Rejected)

It would have increased homestead property tax exemptions. This would have meant homeowners could deduct $75,000 from their home’s value if their home is worth over $100,000. It currently stands at a $50,000 deduction. Proponents said it would have encouraged home ownership. Those against believed it would hurt funding for police and fire departments. The amendment was turned down after it failed to reach the 60 percent threshold required to pass.

Amendment 2 (Passed)

It would limit tax hikes on vacation homes and commercial property. The amendment, first proposed by the Florida Legislature, would confirm existing caps on non-homestead property. It passed with 66 percent yes votes.

Amendment 3 (Passed)

It would give voters the exclusive right to authorize the expansion of casino gambling. Currently, the decision is up to both the voter and Florida Legislature. The amendment passed with 71 percent approval.

Amendment 4 (Passed)

It restores voting rights of felons who have served their sentences. Those convicted of serious offenses such as murder and sex crimes are exempted from this amendment. It passed with 64 percent. Over 1.5 million felons would be affected by this amendment.

Amendment 5 (Passed)

It would require a two-thirds vote in each chamber of the Florida Legislature to impose new taxes or fees or to increase existing taxes. It passed with 66 percent.

Amendment 6 (Passed)

It expands the rights of crime victims and raises the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 75. It passed with 62 percent.

Amendment 7 (Passed)

It would provide college tuition to survivors of first responders. It passed with 66 percent.

Amendment 9 (Passed)

It bundles two issues into one. It prohibits offshore drilling and vaping in workplaces. It passed with 68 percent.

Amendment 10 (Passed)

It allows sheriffs to be elected, rather than appointed. This will impact Miami-Dade County, which has an appointed police director. It passed with 68 percent.

Amendment 11 (Passed)

It repeals the state’s ability to bar non-citizens from buying and selling property. It passed with 61 percent.

Amendment 12 (Passed)

It prohibits lobbying and abuse of office in the state. Voters approved it with a 78 percent majority.

Amendment 13 (Passed)

The amendment would end commercial dog racing in the state by 2020. It passed with 69 percent approval.

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