Florida senate race tightens as candidates look for last-minute votes

MIAMI (WSVN) - With Florida’s senate race neck and neck, both candidates look to grab last-minute votes on Election Day.

Both Congressman Patrick Murphy and the incumbent Marco Rubio were seen on Election Day speaking with the public. The challenger, Murphy, was seen shaking hands with those from Miami Lakes to the city of Miami.

Accompanying him was Bob Graham.

“Feeling great,” said Murphy, “a lot of enthusiasm, so much excitement. As I’ve been traveling the state for a year and a half now, I have sensed the enthusiasm really starting to peak.”


Rubio did not make public campaign stops on Tuesday but spent Monday meeting with voters. “Look, this has been a very unexpected year, trust me,” said Rubio to a crowd. “It’s been a year that’s had a lot of twists and turns. What if this is the election that is decided by 100 votes or 150 votes?”

Early poll numbers have fluctuated, but the most recent Quinnipiac poll showed Rubio with a seven percent lead over Murphy. “We’re confident in the campaign we’ve run,” said Rubio. “I think voters clearly understand the difference between me and my opponent.”

Rubio has received some heat for endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. However, it has yet to be seen if this has affected his polling numbers.


On the other hand, Murphy said he is optimistic he will be Florida’s newest senator. “I’m gonna fight for what I believe in, what I think is best for Florida,” he said, “similar to Senator Bob Graham, who always put the country first, always put the state first.”

Murphy believes minority voters will help him reach the senate seat. “It’s gonna be a close race. Florida’s always a very close election but based on the turnout we’ve seen — especially amongst Latino voters — here in Florida, record numbers. Everybody’s surpassed the 2012 turnout,” said Murphy.

Murphy’s campaign said they believe he will win, albeit by a narrow victory.

In the last stretch of the election, both Rubio and Murphy encouraged people to get out and vote. “Oh, it’s critical,” said Murphy. “This is just such an important election.”

“Obviously, my race is very important,” said Rubio. “But these other ones are, too. A lot of things on the ballot in Miami-Dade County, the mayor’s race, the amendments. It is an important ballot, and I hope people will vote.”

Rubio will host his watch party in Miami and Patrick Murphy’s will be in Palm Beach Gardens.

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