FIU Poll reveals a shift in ideology for Miami-Dade Cuban-Americans

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - For the first time in decades, a large group of Cuban-Americans in South Florida will not be supporting a Republican presidential nominee, according to a poll conducted by Florida International University.

In the midst of historic change in relations between the United States and Cuba, FIU’s Cuban Research Institute at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs published a comprehensive poll of questions for Cuban-Americans, spanning from the “Wet Foot/Dry Foot” Policy to their party affiliation.

According to FOX News Latino, FIU spokeswoman Dianna Fernandez said that for the first time in decades, a key group of die-hard Republicans may be willing to vote for the opposing party.

“As [Donald] Trump struggles to garner the support of Latinos across the U.S., he may have lost the one group every Republican candidate has been able to count on for more than 30 years,” said Fernandez said in a statement.

According to the poll conducted on August 12, although Trump still carries the lead for Cuban-American voters in Miami-Dade County, the presidential race is shockingly close for the generations-deep group of Cuban-American Republicans.

Miami-Dade County Cuban/American Presidential Vote:

Donald Trump 35%
Hillary Clinton 31%
Neither 18%

Although Trump receives more support from the Cuban-American community than Clinton, the numbers aren’t exactly a reason to brag.

The Republican party has never received so little support for its nominee for president. “That’s the lowest of any Republican in a awhile,” said FIU Professor of Sociology Dr. Guillermo J. Grenier, one of the lead investigators of the FIU Cuba Poll. “Hillary is where she usually is in the Cuban-American population.”

But when it comes to Cuban-American millennials, both candidates are being shunned.

“What’s odd is this, what’s different is this: ‘A plague on both your houses,’ 19 percent are saying. ‘We’re not voting for any one of those two guys,'” said Grenier as he announced the findings.

Many of these voters are registered as independent, an affiliation that continues to grow within the millennial community as the Republican party shrinks.

Therefore, when it comes to winning the Cuban-American vote for the White House in November, there is a greater chance Cuban-Americans above 30 years of age will be voting for Trump.

However, there is no guarantee who the millennial generation’s votes will go to.

“So, really, the young votes are the ones that are going to decide at this point,” added Grenier.

The poll also revealed that Cuban-Americans are overwhelmingly in support of the Obama Administration’s reinstated relations with the island nation.

64% Support New Policies Toward Cuba
65% Support Diplomatic Relations with Cuba
63% Support Current “Wet Foot/DryFoot” Policy
65% Support Change in Cuban Adjustment Act

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