FBI arrests Davie man for allegedly storming Capitol during Jan. 6 insurrection

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Davie man accused of storming the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection has been arrested.

Cameras captured Davie Police cruisers and multiple unmarked cars outside 36-year-old William Rogan Reid’s Davie home, Thursday.

“William Reid went to the Capitol on Jan. 6,” defense attorney William Moore said. “He went to peacefully protest. Obviously, he ended up committing a crime. Although he does not believe that he should be prosecuted or serve time, he is absolutely going to admit — rather than lie or conceal — and serve time, if the court deems that appropriate.”

According to the FBI, agents found out about Reid’s involvement because of a tip they received from someone who knows him.

The FBI then went through Reid’s public social media pages, compared information with his driver’s license and cellphone records, and they said they believe he was inside of the Capitol.

During the investigation, agents said they found an Instagram post that read, “The 6th was a breaking point for a lot of people, but they’re cowering in fear again because of the [insurrection],” and another that read, “The 6th was our Boston Tea Party.”

On March 13, Reid wrote a string of posts on Instagram that read, “I rushed the Capitol,” “Hi, Feds” and “Now you can all relax, I’m the target.” He also shared a cartoon that read, “I’ll [expletive] do it again.”

“He’s got a very strong set of beliefs when it comes to the political climate in this country and the Constitution,” Moore said. “They may not be the same beliefs as you, as mine, as yours, but they’re his. That’s his understanding of what it means to be an American.”

Reid is the latest in a string of arrests of South Floridians accused of taking part in the insurrection that left five dead, including a Capitol Police officer.

The following have been arrested for their alleged role in the Jan. 6 insurrection:

  • Nicholes Lentz, a former North Miami Beach Police officer.
  • Felipe Marquez of Coral Springs.
  • Gabriel Garcia, who is accused of calling Capitol Police officers “[expletive] traitors.”
  • Richard Harris of Hollywood.
  • Samuel Camargo of Deerfield Beach.

“Everybody has to follow the law. That’s why we’re here,” Reid’s neighbor Jaime Andrade said.

Moore said at one point, Reid helped a Capitol Police officer who had fallen down. He added Reid would like to get in touch with that officer.

According to court documents, Reid will remain in federal custody until at least April 7.

Reid also has an open case in Palm Beach County involving a stalking charge, and he will have to appear for a hearing in that case before the federal case proceeds.

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