Clinton, Trump arrive in Vegas for 3rd presidential debate

LAS VEGAS (WSVN) — Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump arrived in Las Vegas, Tuesday, one day before they face off in their third and final debate before Election Day.

Las Vegas likes to call itself the entertainment capital of the world. A paradise for gamblers, a place for the greatest entertainers.

Now the stage is set for the biggest show in politics. The final presidential debate will take place Wednesday, starting at 9 p.m., at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

“This is our final shot, folks,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at a campaign stop in Colorado, earlier on Tuesday. “In four years, it’s over. You’re never going to be able to win.”

Many supporters believe the last debate may be Trump’s final chance to boost his sagging poll numbers, to convince a national audience that he should be president.

Even though Trump said he no longer trusts the polls. “I don’t believe the polls anymore. I don’t believe,” he said.

While Trump campaigned on Tuesday, Clinton did not. She landed in Las Vegas on Tuesday afternoon.

However, after Trump once again claimed the elections were “rigged,” President Barack Obama took a jab at the business tycoon. “He started whining before the game is even over?” he said. “If, whenever things are going badly and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job.”

Of course, Trump responded in a way that met with his supporters’ approval. He vowed to get rid of all the politicians in the nation’s capital. that they don’t like.

“It is, indeed, time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.,” said Trump.

Trump is not done sniping at the commander in chief. His guest at Wednesday’s debate will be Obama’s half-brother, a Trump supporter.

Trump also took a swipe at his opponent, saying, “She’s sleeping and I’m working.”

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