MIAMI (WSVN) - The campaign trail led Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, where the former vice president reached out to potential Hispanic voters.

Biden’s campaign described the event held Sunday at Ball & Chain in the historic Calle Ocho district as a “Latinx meet and greet.”

During his speech, which clocked in at less than an hour, the candidate encouraged voters to become involved in the future of the country.

“Get up! Time to get up and take it all back, once again bring America back to lead the world again,” he said.

Biden also delved into how he feels America’s standing in the world has changed since the outcome of the 2016 elections.

“We’re losing our credibility, our security is waning. We’re not in a position where we’re going to be able to lead the world if we don’t get going real quick,” he said.

Biden spent a sizable portion of his address criticizing President Donald Trump.

“He’s deliberately trying to divide the nation, his administration, in order to make sure that he can maintain power with a small percentage of the American people,” he said.

The candidate also touched on the hot topic of immigration in this Hispanic majority neighborhood.

“The reason for who we are is all of you, all of you have come from places where it took courage to leave,” he said. “Optimism, determination, resilience. That’s who we are.”

However, Biden kept his discussion of immigration reform general and opted against providing specific policy details.

“We should be granting temporary status for Venezuelans to be able to come here, to be able to take responsibility for what’s happening in Colombia, with a significant migration,” he said. “In Ecuador, where destabilization is going to take place, it’s immense. We’re the only nation that can pull the Americas together.”

Reaction among audience members was predominantly positive.

“He didn’t disappoint today,” said Diane Watchinski, who drove down from Fort Lauderdale to attend the event.

“I like to see him in person every chance I get. Every time I see him, he’s more inspiring, he’s got something new to say,” added Watchinski.

But others in the crowd were left wanting more content from Biden.

“I do wish I would have heard more about policy. I’m worried that Joe Biden is running as a presumptive nominee,” said attendee Manny Orozco. “How are you going to move us forward, Mister Vice President? How are you going to take us into this next era?”

At a private fundraiser held after the meet and greet, Biden said that a second term for Trump would be “a threat to global stability and the American middle class.”

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